Minds In Need of Attention (MINA): Community Advocators for Mental Health

Minds In Need of Attention (MINA): Community Advocators for Mental Health

About Us


Our History

MINA was established in December 2013, after the death of Mina to suicide on April 24th, 2012. Founder, Mariam with her family and friends established MINA to raise awareness for mental health, to educate communities about the signs of mental illness and to collaborate with all sectors with the mission to build mentally healthy
communities across Ontario. 


Mental Health in Our Community

Each year, MINA brings together professionals to begin a mental health discussion with community members at MINA's Mental Health in our Community Panel Discussion. Education is the cure. 

Join us on our next panel discussion with key Hamilton academic institutions and how they contribute to building mentally healthy communities. 

SAVE THE DATE: October 4, 2017

More information to follow.



In partnership with the Paul Hansell Foundation, join MINA on Sunday, May 7th, 2017 at the Art Gallery of Burlington from 2pm to 4:30pm to create #CONVOPLATES. 

#CONVOPLATES, founded by PHF, are great mental health conversation starters. Talking about mental health, saves lives. 

To register for this FREE community event, please click here:  


What's Current

13 Reasons Why - Netflix

When series like these come out, it attracts a curious and possibly a younger viewer base. Although it is good to be able to view series like these and get thinking and talking about mental health, illness and suicide, it is best to have an informative discussion about it with your teachers, parents, counselors and/or guardians. We must understand that there are basic identifiers and causes of mental illness that could lead a youth to suicide, but its also a lot more complicated than that, and far more individualistic. Each of our journeys to remain mentally healthy or to deal with mental illness are unique to us with some fair overlap with others. I hope watching this series gets you more curious to educate yourself about mental health, illness and suicide so that together, as a community we are more aware of each other and ourselves. Please read: https://www.jedfoundation.org/13-reasons-jed-point-view/

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Board of Directors:

Mariam Yousefi, President

Sima Ghassabeh, Vice-President